The brief:  What does home look like to you?

Day 1: Home

Day 1: Home


It is from my garden that I feed my family with the produce I have grown with love.  Passion fills my garden and fills me.

The garden is a bit scruffy because it the spring weather has been so unpredictable and my lawnmower died.

5 Comments on “PHOTO DAY 1: HOME

  1. I like the deck chair in your first image. That shows optimism that this gardening lark is EVER going to give you 5 spare minutes to sit in that chair with a nice cool drink which you and I both know is completely hysterically hilarious to even contemplate…the only days like that are in the dead of winter where sitting in that chair could be grounds for having yourself certified…


    • Hi Fran. The truth be known the chair isn’t there for sitting on. I dragged it over to stand on while I created structures from my plants to cling on and climb up and Hubby the Un-Gardener growled at me today for not putting it back!
      Cheers Sarah : o )


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