PHOTO DAY 8: The Natural World

The brief:  Capture the natural world with your camera.  Look for natural lines that lead our eyes to different parts of a frame.

OK.  this is my kind of theme.  I am in the natural world all day – rain permitting!  I constantly have a camera with me and several have suffered a sad demise as the dirt made it’s way into the zoomy bit (luckily I’m in the right place to learn about these things), causing it sound a little crunchy when focusing, eventually seizing up all together.

I took loads of photos for this concept, but finally settled on my four favorite:

The dill flowers have a explosion on lines, like fireworks

The dill flowers have a explosion of lines, like fireworks


The onions lines become bold and wider as they grow.  This is going to be my best onion crop ever!


The vertical lines of the lavender as it reaches for the sun, I grew these from seed. I am so proud of them!


The red veins of the sorrel make beautiful lines. It almost looks too good to eat… almost!

12 Comments on “PHOTO DAY 8: The Natural World

  1. I can totally relate to having to get rid of a camera due to dirt in the lens. My cell phone almost made it two years before the dirt did it in too. Beautiful pictures!


    • Hi Julie.
      I do eat the sorrel. It has a lemony flavour so I pop a few leaves in a salad. I thought I had killed the plant last year as it dried to a crisp and disappeared, so I was really surprised to see it come back again this year. I think I may treat it with a bit more respect now.
      Cheers Sarah : o )


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