PHOTO DAY 15: Landscape

Brief:  Today, snap a picture of a landscape.  After your shooting session, sift through your landscapes and find one that needs cropping.

I decided to focus on the view beyond the garden, but I had to climb up onto our outdoor table to capture a view without the garden getting in the way.  We are in a valley and the hills around are really pretty.  It is a great place to garden and live in.  We are truly blessed.

facing north cropped

This the tidy view we have facing north.  You can see my orchard.  It is the trees in the front on the right hand side.

facing north

This is our view facing north.  (original)

East view

This is our lovely view to the east.  The farmer cut the grass last week to make silage.  We are still waiting for the contractor to cut our grass.

East View

This is how it is without the digital tidy up.

If only clearing up my mess was this easy – Mess be gone – Click!

9 Comments on “PHOTO DAY 15: Landscape

  1. Ha, if only it was that easy!
    Love your shots showing the before and after cropping; it makes quite a difference. You have a gorgeous view of the hills.


  2. It is starting to look like wordpress and my last years media course are running the same course only I had to pay for mine! 😉


    • Hi Fran. I am still enjoying it. This is the last week. You should definitely watch out for it next time. I’m all for adding skills at no charge. It makes you value it so much more.
      Cheers Sarah : o )


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