Day 20: Triumph

Brief:  Today, let’s bump up the contrast for a bold take on triumph.

The triumphal end result of gardening is in the eating.  And what better way than using the strawberries to create a sweet yet sharp topping to complement the glorious sweetness of a white chocolate cheese cake.  Then share it with good friends with a large helping of moments old strawberries on the side.    Decadent goodness!

Strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake

The proof is in the pudding

If you want the most delicious yet easy to make recipe then click >HERE<

10 Comments on “Day 20: Triumph

  1. The white chocolate cheesecake is even more special and delicious because the strawberries are from your own garden…..yummy! There’s nothing like fresh produce from your own garden.


  2. Best photo yet! Full of delicious promise and a link as well. Keep it up Ms Sarah, you are doing very well (spoken like Mr Grace in “Are you being served” 😉 )


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