Whales, Snails and Tropical gardens

The weather has been a little crazy here of late – the fattest rain drops in showers that come and go with with a moments notice and disappear as quickly as they came, leaving behind a sea of muddy puddles.  Then when its not doing that it’s frosty.  Apparently there were the most spectacular hail storms today.  But not where we are.  Just a lovely sunny, warmish day.  But all this unsettled weather leaves me longing for the steady warm weather we found as we travelled the South Pacific.

Check out my latest video with a compilation of photos from our trip.  It would seem a large proportion of the photos I took had some kind of horticultural flavour… strange that….

Come again soon – I’ve been making hay while the sun has been shining.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

5 Comments on “Whales, Snails and Tropical gardens

  1. Yes torrential hail at Albany about 4.30pm. Sitting in my car and hail was piling up on the windscreen and temperature dropping rapidly!


    • Hi Susan. Gosh. We completely missed it – it was sunny in the garden all day so I was out there sorting out my strawberries. I didn’t even notice the dramatic temperature drop on Sunday! There is a good frost this morning though.
      Warmer weather isn’t too far away. I hope.
      Cheers Sarah : o )


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