Spring is in full swing

With the wind on my back I have been working hard getting the garden shipshape.  There has been and extraordinary amount of digging and weeding being done so I can get things ready for the big day – the safe from frost day.  But at the same time I’m nurturing a flock? herd? swarm? thicket?  school of seedlings?  What is the collective term for seedlings?  Is there one?

There is a lot growing on

There is a lot growing on

When I’m in my garden tending the needs of my plants I find myself in my happy place and so finding myself in the warm, wind free environment of the greenhouse I couldn’t be happier.  Check out what is going on in there.

Come again soon – it can’t possibly be windy forever!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

13 Comments on “Spring is in full swing

    • Thanks Jen. The weather is all over the place at the moment. Yesterday was hot and beautiful and today is raining buckets! But that’s spring for you.
      Cheers Sarah : o )


  1. That’s an impressive greenhouse, Sarah, and a nice place to nurse along your seedlings as they grow. You give them so much TLC. It’s lovely to see. I hope the wind has died down. I’m on to your next post to find out.


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