Everything is just peachy

Well it will be soon.  I’ve been down to the far end to check out the orchard. Things are looking great for an abundantly fruity summer.   Not long now.   If I’ve planted things right, we should have fresh fruit right through into the autumn.  Let me show you….


Judging by the sweet aroma coming from the peach tree you’d think these were nearly ready, but alas no. I’ve still got some waiting to do.


There is still a way to go yet for the nectarines, but I can almost taste it in anticipation


Oh my goodness – Mandarins!  I thought I killed them all. What a pleasant surprise. 

We’ve never really had a plum harvest before.


I see elderberry wine in my future


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a quince


This will be the year of the pear


This bodes well for feijoa season. The tree is loaded


Still no sign of nut on the pinenut tree, which is a shame as those things are really expensive.


We have apples up the wazhoo

I am so excited by the abundance of it all.

Come again soon – it is amazing how much you can achieve in the garden if you just start.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )


10 Comments on “Everything is just peachy

  1. Wow!! I love a post that is full of so much potential and yours certainly is!! Not sure I would be able to contain my excitement with all that fruit bursting into life – a beautiful garden x


    • Hi Julie. The birds can be a bit of a problem, but fortunately there is always more than enough fruit to share. As for possums – being smack bang in the middle of dairy country the nearest trees are miles away so we don’t get any possums in the orchard. I have netted my blueberries though – I don’t want to lose any of those!
      Cheers Sarah : o)

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