I’m running out of spring!

I don’t know if I’m being too hard on myself, but the garden isn’t finished yet and there is only a week left of spring.  Considering there was nothing there at all in mid May I am being hard on myself, but then again, I am so close to the end it seems possible to get there if I garden like there is no tomorrow.

Empty bed

Ready and waiting. All going well there will be irrigation, structures and plants in here by the end of the day!

I have two beds ready and waiting to plant, thanks to the hard work of Hubby the Un-Gardener mixing in all the compost and other nutrients.  Both need irrigation added before I plant them because it is easier to dig the hole under the bed and up the inside for the water in pipe without plants in the way.  In fact, all the remaining beds need irrigation added, but it isn’t a big job, its just another job in a long list of many jobs.

Red Onions

I must be doing something right in my new garden, the red onion love it here!

One of these is the bean bed – it does have some plants in it – a couple of straggly broad beans at the end that have given me hope for most of the winter.  They were one of the first plants to go in and with their magnificent red flowers, they will be there again next year.  I guess I grow them for their presence rather than their purpose as I don’t really like them – there I said it!   In fact, I don’t really like beans much at all, but I grow them, so my kids can try them.  I remember my mum didn’t like Brussels sprouts so never cooked them.  I didn’t discover them until I left home and found I really like them!  It would be odd to have kids who never tried beans…  But what I do like is dried beans and so I mostly grow them.  I normally pick them up at the supermarket, but they are getting harder to find.  I guess modern life isn’t conducive to soaking dried beans anymore.  So, I need to go on a bit of a hunt for some beans to plant.

Red broad bean flowers

These red flowered Hughey Broad Beans make growing them over the winter so worthwhile. They add such a pop of colour on bleak days.

The other one, the poor plants are looking a little lacklustre as they have been waiting such an awfully long time to go in.  It could also be because the weather has been all over the place – super hot and summery one day and freezingly wintery the next – on repeat for most of spring.   I am more than happy to lay blame with the weather, although deep down I know my melons will be pleased to be relieved of their pots.  But first I need to build a structure, so I can send some up a trellis, so I can get the most out of the garden.  I have gathered all the bits together and now just have to bring them together.  All going well there will be melons in the garden today.

Empty spot

And the final bed goes here… when I get the chance.

Then there are the beds Hubby the Un-Gardener needs to dig – the squash, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin (x2) and I think that is it.  Aside from the bed that isn’t there yet.  I have a bed for wild flowers for bees and butterflies to enjoy but its spot is in a position that would have hindered access to constructionny things, so it was left – until now.  So, it needs building, filling, mixing, irrigating and planting and sowing.  I have the seeds at the ready!

Raspberry plant

Poor raspberry plant – I’ll pop you in the ground very soon.

Oh, and the raspberries are still in their pots, but if they are still in that state by the end of the week, I will be very disappointed with myself as they have a great spot up near the chicken coop, overlooking the entire garden.

Untidy mess

I really should pick up after myself, but right now it isn’t as important as getting plants in the ground.

Once the plants are in then the next job is a big tidy up.  I have been so focused, I haven’t been as tidy as I could have been, and without a shed it does make things a little tricky, but a shed is in the plans, but just not yet.  Soon though.

Salad bed

If I stop and look at what I have done instead of what I still have to do, I would feel a lot less panicked about the end of spring.

And of the week left in spring I only have three full days and two half days available to garden, on top of all the other things I need to do.  I’m not sure I’ll make it, but I’ll certainly give it a good shot!

Come again soon – I have planting to do.

Sarah the Gardener : o)

5 Comments on “I’m running out of spring!

  1. There are several vegetables that we grow, only to give away to those who like them. The only one that I really find dreadful are the carrots! I dislike them so much that I will aoid growing them if I can.


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