One Month Until Spring

Having completely missed my June garden video tour due to the work on The Palace, as well as ordinary gardening things, I decided I should make the effort for an end of July garden video tour. I was aiming for the last day of July but it was just too windy so I got up early in the still of the morning, in a chilly 10C and did a quick whistle stop tour of the garden.


While very beautiful, the daffodils are reminding me to get a wiggle on, there is a lot to be done before spring starts properly!

I haven’t achieved everything on my winter to-do list, but feel like I still have a opportunity to claw back some time and cross off some things and at the very least some of the big jobs.   There is nothing like the thought of the impending spring and the possibility of a long late spring absence from the garden to keep pushing things along.


A lot of the garden is in control, but I can’t stop yet in the pursuit of being spring ready.

So sit back and join me on a cold yesterday morning and see how my garden looks as we enter this last month of winter.

Come again soon – it will be spring before we know it!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)



2 Comments on “One Month Until Spring

  1. Absolutely enjoyed the trip around your māra kai ! Totally love your “stonehenge” very inspired to create my own. Awesome mahi, really great watch thank you 🙂


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