October…  Done!  – A Garden Tour.

Over the last several weeks the focus in the garden has really been about getting it planted.  For some reason I have been running behind, even though my intentions were to try and get ahead.   In that process I ended up just focusing on the plants and getting them in the ground alongside their support structures and paid little heed to the mess I was leaving in a trail behind me.


There is nothing more cheerful than a bright yellow flowering heralding the zucchini glut that will begin imminently!

Currently if you look around my garden you can see empty pots, tools and all sorts of clutter laying about the place.  But in my desire to get plants in the soil I didn’t care, it wasn’t my priority.  Now that that stage is over, I look about the garden and think… ‘my goodness, where do I start?’    There is the temptation to create another urgently stressful situation where I convince myself if is imperative I tidy up immediately.  I almost went down that path, as I wanted to make a “did-dah” garden tour video with it all looking perfect for all to see.  But I realised that would be fool hardy as by the time it was looking perfect it would probably be Christmas.

Garden clutter

An honest look at some of the clutter that needs to be cleared up.

So, I decided to embrace the mess, knowing it would be taken care of in a slow and steady way, mixed in with fun things like kitchen gardening and admiring the flowers.  With this in mind I filmed my video tour, focusing on the plants and capturing this stage of the garden, to mark this point in my progress through the growing season.

I’d love it if you joined me in my garden and check it out – as it is now, warts and all.

Come again soon – there will be a mixed bag of things going on as I make the most of all the wants and needs in the garden.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

11 Comments on “October…  Done!  – A Garden Tour.

  1. Your garden is amazing. Love it all and glad mine is a tad smaller 😊
    Wondering about the artichoke recipe – where do I find it? I’m growing them. Loving them and some pickling would be a great addition. 🙏

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  2. Sarah, the view and your garden is so very beautiful 🌊🌱❤️ I watched the whole video amazed at what you have planted. Anyone who does even a little gardening knows that is a lot of love and hard work! Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to watch it grow. 🌱❤️


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