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Tomatoes in Winter

I’ve been a little busy lately and it is has kept me from my dirty little love –  the garden.  I kind of feel I need to say “hello my name is Sarah the Gardener and I haven’t gardened in…

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And another season clocks in

It is so easy to see life passing by when the seasons anxiously waited for, although some with greater excitement than others.  And so we wake up today, firmly in the grasp of winter.  Although having said that it isn’t…

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I grew peanuts! How cool is that?

Early last spring I picked up some raw shelled peanuts from the baking section. I’d done it before so I was kind of excited.  I wasn’t going to bake with them, I was going to grow them.  I love growing…

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It’s not tomato weather anymore

I have been kidding myself with the misguided theory that so long as there are tomatoes in the garden then there is still a claim to summer.  But the tomatoes have been a little manky of late, so I pulled…

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