Joy in the garden

Today is the longest day and finally I have something to be joyful about.  The weather seems to have turned.  It is sunny and warm; the sky is blue and the cicadas are singing.  Now that is kind of summer…

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Love in the Garden

The weather is still being weird.  It is still gloomy but the nice days are fighting for their right to shine, so we have had a couple of days that offer the promise of summer.  But for the most part…

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Peace in the garden

After days and days of the wind whipping through the garden and whistling through all of the gaps, tearing at the windbreak, requiring repairs, it stopped.   It was kind of abrupt in that I went to bed with sound of…

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Hope in the garden

Today is the first day of the meteorological summer, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.  The forecast suggests that the temperature won’t rise above 18°C and I’ve gone back to wearing a scarf.  The wind hasn’t settled down and…

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