I’ve bean procrastinating!

I am almost there.  There is only one bed left to sow.  Everything else is planted and sown.  All the beds are full and should be displaying a “No Vacancy” sign.  Although most beds don’t look full as the seedlings…

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The sweet blessing of rain.

I never in a million years would be guessed that I would be pleased to see rain, so soon after the recent weeks of heavy rain and sodden soil.  But I am. Just a few short weeks ago we were…

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A weed by any other name

The sun shined almost all day today.  Once I was forced to shelter in the greenhouse and the other time the drops were so fat I thought that is was probably set in for the day so I came inside,…

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This time next week we will officially be in the season of spring.

The change of season happens with the back end of August, so I have five days left dwell in the dying days of winter.  The weather is supposed to be a mixed bag of rain, sun, and cold and then…

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A is for Asparagus and Artichoke

If some of my plants were animals I would have been reported to the SPCA! They are sorely neglected and are only just noticeable in among a thriving crop of weeds. But it’s not my fault – really… Asparagus, Globe…

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