Five things that say Spring is Coming! and one thing that says it isn’t.

After weeks and weeks and weeks of cold weather (well aside from a brief trip to the sunny South Pacific, but that doesn’t count) I am ready for a change.  I want to wake up and leap out of bed…

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Whales, Snails and Tropical gardens

The weather has been a little crazy here of late – the fattest rain drops in showers that come and go with with a moments notice and disappear as quickly as they came, leaving behind a sea of muddy puddles….

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Not something you see every day – not round this neck of the woods.

I don’t often follow recipes because I’m a ‘give it a whirl’ kind of a girl, but sometimes when you are cooking something you have never cooked before you need a bit of guidance.  And collard greens don’t tend to…

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It is still early days but…

While summer is still many moons away, I have taken a few steps that create a tenuous thread that links the cold wet miserableness of today with the hot, heady endless days of late summer.  I sowed my pepper seeds.  …

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We ate snails

I have discovered a perfectly good way to deal with the snails in my garden – serve them up on a plate.  Um…  Yeah… maybe.  When someone else does it for you and they are barely recognisable from the slimy…

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