Food in Hand

The days are long, the sky is blue and the temperatures are soaring.  It is the perfect combination for the veggie garden.  I am seeing a harvest and am completely delighted.  There were a few points in time when it…

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The delights of beetroot

This is a funny little vegetable.  I’ve always grown it in my garden because it is easy to grow and you can’t have a burger without a slice of pickled beetroot.  Oh and pickled beetroot sandwiches on white bread and…

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How the Garden made Christmas Special

After weeks of frenzied activity I have awoken to a beautiful blue sky day that already has a bit of heat in it.   It is going to be a glorious day.  It will be a fabulous Boxing Day.  Christmas, unfortunately…

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Too much and yet not enough

Slaving over a hot stove on a hot summer day isn’t my idea of fun… well actually – it kind of is. But that is what I have been doing.  Processing the harvest. Now that the holidays are a thing…

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This blog has been bought to you by the letter P

Peas, peppers, pumpkins, peanuts and preparations and presents and a ‘P’eetroot. I need to apologise in advance as this is a little long but I have had a huge weekend in the garden. I now ache a little in all…

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How long?!

I have had a lovely time.  Hubby the Un-Gardener took the boys away camping to make the most of the summer before… well we won’t dwell on the coming months.  It’s still summer and that’s all that counts.  I miss…

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