Blast from the Past: I’m supposed to be doing other things.

It would seem I’m always doing other thing these days, although I can honestly say the weather is what is keeping me from the garden at the moment.  The rain has been horrendous.  Not of epic flood proportions but it…

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Blast from the Past: Autumn is doing what Autumn does

… But it is doing it without me!  My super secret project is still  keeping me indoors bashing out words on my  keyboard and I looking out my window at another clear blue sky day and sighing.  It is perfect…

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Blast from the past: When gardening isn’t gardening at all

Sometimes it is a good idea to look back in time to see how things were at the same period years ago.  It is interesting to see four years ago some things were very much the same yet others were…

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Blast from the past: Summer is a white rabbit.

I can be a bit forgetful at times, which is why I try to be so good with my plant labels and by writing down what I’ve done at the end of each day. When I’m not using my automatic…

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