I have to be the luckiest gardener in the world!

I woke up this morning to my wonderful family bearing gifts.  This isn’t something they do often – just once a year.  I got loads of cool stuff but they saved the best to last.  A shiny new Gardena 6…

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Winter, you have had your turn – go away

If you look at stereotypical images of spring it is always blue skies and perfectly formed flowers and blossoms, delicate seedlings and maybe a gentle shower or two.  I would have a hard job capturing any image that even remotely…

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It’s been a bit of a broken week….

I keep breaking things!  I broke a blueberry, a new tool, broke my budget, broke a nail and very nearly broke Hubby the Un-Gardener! Spring is really starting to kick in, the days are getting much warmer, although a sudden…

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This time next week we will officially be in the season of spring.

The change of season happens with the back end of August, so I have five days left dwell in the dying days of winter.  The weather is supposed to be a mixed bag of rain, sun, and cold and then…

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Yesterday was one of those ‘out of season’ magical days.

We woke to a foggy morning, but then that isn’t out of the ordinary down here on the swamp.  But to our surprise it cleared to be the most incredible day ever!  …well in a long while.  It was one…

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