The Berry End of the Garden

The fruit section of the garden hasn’t always been a success.  We won’t mention the failure of the new orchard… twice.  I think I need to put together a serious plan before attempting again.  It does hurt my soul to…

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Hunting and Gathering Trees

Finally, the weather turned to ‘not rainy’ and my schedule cleared up and I could go tree shopping.   Only I’ve left it a little late.  I knew I had but didn’t realise just how late as all the good stuff…

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The Big Picture – Part three

Finally we have reached the last part of the tour.  I do love having a large garden and eating the fruits of my labour, but I do have to say at times there is a lot of labour!  I am…

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One becomes two and two becomes one – a tale of two berries

While I have a scientific background from too many years ago that I care to count, I would like to reassure you that I haven’t been dabbling in genetic modification in my garden shed.  I have been doing some good…

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