Progress feels good.

I’m really starting for make some great progress in the garden and the feelings of being overwhelmed are slipping away. There are some seriously dodgy areas that have gone way out of control and some pretty big projects on the…

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The state of the Garden   Part One of Three (or possibly four)

Officially it is the first week back in the garden after the holidays.  Last week didn’t count even though I did loiter in the garden a little, but as the first week of the year it was only a half…

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Yet another crop rotation conundrum

To be honest you really can’t tell you are going to run into problems until you run into problems.   But having said that, I should have foreseen this one as I grow brassicas all year round so, they are going…

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I’ve made a nursery garden

This is the time of year when I need to think about the crops I want to feed my family in the winter.  I don’t want to think about winter.  I want to make the most of what is left…

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Well that’s it – the last seeds have been sown.

…well maybe I’ll throw in a couple more rainbow beets as not all the colours have come out, but aside from that everything in the greenhouse is all there is going to be this season.  Oh except for the beans…

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