Cycle one

I spent the weekend with a nagging feeling in the back of my mind…. ‘I need to sort out this crop rotation cover crop thing.  Once it is done, I’ll never have to think of it again.’  But there were…

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Planning the Garden – Sector Three

Sector three was once the outer edge of the garden.  I’m not entirely sure how it has become part of the heart of the garden, but I think I may need a fence.    I’m really pleased with my sector systems…

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The Big Picture – Part two

Just to recap from yesterday.  I’m bringing you all up to date with the garden as it is now – warts and all.  I’m running behind, but this is ok.  It is still spring.  So moving on from the onion…

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This has been the spring of my discontent.

We have had storm after storm after storm.  When it wasn’t raining, it was blowing a gale and either way gardening was impossible.  Add that to being knocked out for a good three weeks to ill health and the garden…

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How has it come to this?

We are almost halfway through Assembly August and I haven’t assembled anything! To give me a little bit of credit, I have stripped down the greenhouse and removed all the bolts.  I now have to clean it and then start…

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I think the winter is toying with us.

While it may have been warmish for a winter evening the other night, last night was definitely cooler and foggy, but its still not proper cold and all my plants are confused.  I did a wee wander around looking for…

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