But what about the pumpkins?

 The seeds were sown the other day, more than a few weeks beyond when I would have normally sown them.  But I’m not worried because not only is their bed not ready, it hasn’t been filled or even built because…

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Paving Paradise

We recently headed on down to the local Fieldays event for farmers and rural types.  I’ve been meaning to go for a decade.  We’re rural types and with over a 1000 exhibitors and all things country it seemed like the…

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The Great Leveller

I am champing at the bit to start moving soil, so I can start planting out my winter crops.  But I seem to have an inbuilt self-integrity mode that just won’t allow me to cut corners in the garden.  I…

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Building beds

Sometimes life sweeps you away with what you are doing and you barely notice the passing of time.  That was how this June has been so far.  A hive of activity with the days disappearing into a blur.  I am…

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The Big Spring Clean

The busyness has haunted me for weeks, shadowing my every move.  It has caused me to leave a trail of debris behind me because I have been so focussed that tidying up isn’t thought of as part of the task,…

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