Sowing and Reaping.

Walking into the garden today I was greeted with that delightful aroma of freshly cut grass.  It is like a lingering scent of summer as if to say, but wait – the season isn’t completely over yet, there are still…

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After the Storm

My poor garden  is suffering from a bit of neglect that goes a little deeper than the usual seasonal overload and fatigue.  There have been secret projects, general unwellness and a storm.  The garden is a little …  messy.  …

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I love having things in the garden to nibble on as I go about the business of gardening!

In the spring its strawberries and in the autumn I have discovered the delicious Cape Gooseberry (or Ground Cherries to some.)  Not everyone seems to like them as they can be a bit tart, and the taste isn’t that usual…

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