Cycle Three

Finally, we are at the end of my plans for the future of the garden.  It will be such a relief not to have to think about it ever again.  I have my notes and can refer to them each…

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Cycle Two

Following on from my deep and slightly obsessive thoughts about my winter crop rotation, today we are looking at cycle two.  This is the biggest one as there are no permanent unmoveable crops in this group.  So, it will be…

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Cycle one

I spent the weekend with a nagging feeling in the back of my mind…. ‘I need to sort out this crop rotation cover crop thing.  Once it is done, I’ll never have to think of it again.’  But there were…

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Wrapping my head around the cool season

Ok so I’ve done some thinking…. About how I will tackle the next season.  But I’d like to say that this is as convoluted as getting my head around crop rotation in the first place!  Once I realised this, I…

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