Tidy up time

(A paid post with the good people from GARDENA NZ) Historically, back in the day I was a bit of a malingerer, I would be slow to clear away the seasons end.  Not because I was lazy, but to acknowledge…

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It’s time to call it quits

I feel like I’ve been flogging a dead horse for the last few months and this morning’s heavy frost was the final straw. We are 10 days out from winter so I’m just kidding myself.  The peppers weren’t going to…

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I Made a Mistake

Months ago back in the autumn I wasn’t thinking.  I definitely wasn’t thinking of the convenience of my spring self.  And now my spring self is a little disappointed with my autumn self. You see I grow wheat each autumn,…

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How to make Mustard for your Hot Dog.

In the garden I have been doing a lot with mustard.  It makes a fabulous cover crop at the end of the season.  My mustard seed pack claims to “aid in the natural control of wireworm, nematodes, etc which are…

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I want more things – fancy things…

A garden shredder would be nice, it would help alleviate the pain I am currently experiencing in my finger.  Either that or some kind of gardening guillotine.  The more I think about it the more the want becomes a need….

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I thought about putting on socks!

BANG – it’s autumn.  It is like someone has just flipped a switch.  I woke at my usual time, although admittedly for the last week or so I have been sleeping a little longer, and was shocked to find it…

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