Five photo Friday

Things have been so slow in the garden this week.  Mostly because it has been raining.  I am determined not to complain or bleat about this state of weather so I have gone out into the garden today and found…

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This is such a weird time of year

 The in between season.  I’ve still got things in the growing in the garden.  But not a lot and they are close to being labelled ‘past it.’  But they are still there needing to be eaten.  There isn’t much that…

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Sowing and Reaping.

Walking into the garden today I was greeted with that delightful aroma of freshly cut grass.  It is like a lingering scent of summer as if to say, but wait – the season isn’t completely over yet, there are still…

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I thought it was going to snow.

Oh my gosh it was so cold!  The temperature plummeted this afternoon to 8.5°C.  While that may not be cold by most folks standards, it is for us!  Areas barely south of us (well areas at least 160km south east…

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How do you dig in your cover crops?

My latest big thing is cover crops.  In the past I was a fair weather gardener and once I got tired of zucchini or picking tomatoes became a hassle I would just stop gardening and walk away.  Although to give…

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