I need a game plan

Ok, so there are 16 days left in May and I’m banging my head against a mid-month slump.  It isn’t intentional but is I guess part of the reason I really need to make this month count – in the…

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This post has been bought to you by the colour yellow, with a touch of blue thrown in for good measure. If you were to think of spring, the colour that immediately springs to mind is green.  All that fresh…

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Embracing Autumn

I have been dragged kicking and screaming into this new season.  According to the calendar our autumn is officially three weeks old.  But at precisely 11:28pm last night, the autumn equinox occurred.  I wasn’t really aware of it as I’m…

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Five things that say Spring is Coming! and one thing that says it isn’t.

After weeks and weeks and weeks of cold weather (well aside from a brief trip to the sunny South Pacific, but that doesn’t count) I am ready for a change.  I want to wake up and leap out of bed…

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Scooping soil with a spoon

I have continued on my quest to ensure I get things done in the garden every day.  Although yesterday was a bit of a technicality as I purchased things for the garden rather than actually worked in it. I normally…

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Looking towards the future while remembering the past.

Today has been a huge day in the garden in more ways than one.  I put in some hard yakka, but there was also an emotional edge to my time with my hands in the soil. Last year I asked…

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