Summer seems to be treating me well

So far so good.  It would seem the boffins found the summer switch and turned it on.  One week we were wrapped up warm in beanies and socks with overnight lows of 9C and then the next week it was…

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You need a soundtrack to go with my garden.

I have just the thing.  Sometimes you really can’t get a good feel of how a garden is, by just reading about it, you need a birdsong soundtrack and an enthusiastic tour guide – that would be me! So pop…

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Not all onions are the same… apparently.

I have had mixed success over the years, with each lesson learnt the hard way until I got to the point when I knew what I was doing and started to get a bit smart…  you can see where this…

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Summer days are here again.

… well according to the calendar and the lovely image Google has provided when I open a new tab, we are officially in summer.  However the boffins seem to have other ideas and have mixed things up.  Maybe they have…

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