Fennel and Celeriac are great friends

Day one of giving kitchen gardening a higher priority was slow to eventuate.  Life has this great habit of getting in the way.  I either over did it in the garden and landed in a crumpled heap on the sofa,…

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Out with the Old … In with the New

Sometimes in the garden you have to make difficult choices.  Take my fennel for example.  It seems to be like some kind of crop in my garden where it doesn’t seem to want to stop.  New bulbs seem to form…

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PHOTO DAY 16: Treasure

Brief:  Show us something you cherish, and get up close. I love my trug and treasure it so much I went out and bought another one.  You see, not only is it a cool gardening item, possibly on the luxury…

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This time next week I’ll be in a completely different season.

And I have never longed for a date to change on a calendar so much.  I want to just put this horrible spring behind us and never speak of it again!  Well maybe I will.  It can be referred to…

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This has been the spring of my discontent.

We have had storm after storm after storm.  When it wasn’t raining, it was blowing a gale and either way gardening was impossible.  Add that to being knocked out for a good three weeks to ill health and the garden…

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Goats love Kale.

Don’t panic, this isn’t going to be a story of dread, terror and frenzied destruction. Dawn broke this morning on to what I hope will be a perfect day as this day is special.  It’s not any old day –…

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