We had a frost – and I missed it!

While I was off spending time with family and making marmalade, dramatic things were happening in my garden. The temperatures had been falling all week and it was getting really cold.  It had been so mild for so long that…

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She’s a bit chilly outside.

It’s been a crazy week weather-wise.  We have had more rain than you can shake a stick at – lots of heavy fat rain drops that have turned the place into a bit of a muddy quagmire.  We have had…

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I’m supposed to be doing other things.

But it’s cold and I can’t seem to focus.  Well –it’s not actually that cold – I’m just a bit of a sook today.  To give me a tiny bit of credit, there was a frost this morning, but now…

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I am so cross with myself!

I’m such an idiot.  There I was the other night bleating on about how cold it was and taking lots of photos to prove it, when I should have been out there protecting my vulnerable plants with frost cloth!  But…

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