PHOTO DAY 12: Architecture

Brief:  Study architectural forms, and also train your eye to look for shots that will translate well in black and white. Finally the sun came out and the wind died down (well almost), so it was completely the wrong time…

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I got my day in the sun….

Well that is a bit of a stretch…  I got half a day in a weak sun which spent most of the day hiding behind clouds.   It could have been worst – it could have been raining or even worst…

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I feel ever so slightly violated

Actually that’s a bit harsh – possibly quite harsh.  But I have had my shed broken into and there was damage and things have been taken, and they have left their poop in my shed and so now it stinks! …

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Gardening Before Breakfast!

It’s February and I’ve just been out and weeded and turned over soil for a new row of peas – all before breakfast.  Normally this foolhardy early morning burst of energy in February is deemed sensible as at this time…

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