I have been doing a bit of tweaking to my irrigation system.  It needs to be working perfectly so Hubby the Un-Gardener won’t kill my plants while I am away in America.  I still fear for the wellbeing my plants,…

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It is raining, but I don’t care!

My irrigation system is fully functioning!  Wahoo! As we already know I am a doer.  I learn and figure things out by doing.  So when confronted with huge manuals to go with the water computer and the water distributor, it…

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To get water: Hammer, Hammer, Saw, Saw

This weekend was a long weekend and today was the holiday day to celebrate Auckland’s 175th   birthday.  We seized the opportunity to go bush for a couple of nights.  I’m not such a great camper and much prefer the creature…

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Finally I can play with my new toys

In the depths of winter last year I found love, and fell quite deeply into a covetous desire of want and longing.  And the object of my new found affection was a seemingly miraculous device that would improve my gardening…

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I have to be the luckiest gardener in the world!

I woke up this morning to my wonderful family bearing gifts.  This isn’t something they do often – just once a year.  I got loads of cool stuff but they saved the best to last.  A shiny new Gardena 6…

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All my worries are over!

Well not all of them – not that I have that many worries, but I have been deeply concerned about the upcoming summer and the need to keep my garden hydrated. The first spot of good news is my laptop…

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