Slowly reclaiming control.

Sometimes nature forces your hand and encourages you to get things done.  The garlic I grow is a variety called Early Pearl.  A generous friend sent me some to try many years ago and I had the best success with…

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First Proper Harvest of the Season

While I have been taking a few things here and there, like the globe artichokes.  I have been quite simple with these – just pick, wash and steam until tender.  Then we normally dip the scales into melted butter and…

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Did the Garden Miss Me?

After being away for 10 days I was champing at the bit to get out into the garden and check out how it fared in my absence.  To be honest I wasn’t really worried as there isn’t much going on…

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Washy Washy

We are still in mid winter for a couple more days and then there is only August standing between us and spring.  This winter is just zipping by!  My to do list in the early winter seemed manageable, but now…

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Garlic on my mind

I had to buy garlic again this week and I looked at those fat juicy bulbs and felt pangs of despair.  It seems so unfair that I don’t have overflowing baskets and bulging braids of similar sized garlic stored in…

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The Big Spring Clean

The busyness has haunted me for weeks, shadowing my every move.  It has caused me to leave a trail of debris behind me because I have been so focussed that tidying up isn’t thought of as part of the task,…

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