January – A month in review

If I am to learn anything from this month is to lower my expectations.   This is not a normal month where life ticks by with the ebb and flow of a reliable routine.   It is filled with holidays and opportunities…

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A gigantic success of sorts.

This weekend was the culmination of months of worry and fretting.   Since the spring, I have been a participant in the Celebrity Challenge of The Great Pumpkin Carnival.   My Giant Pumpkin seedlings were planted with care and pampered with love…

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A giant adventure of the pumpkin kind

When it was brought to my attention that there was to be a Giant Pumpkin Carnival, I thought that would be a great day out for the family.  Hubby the Un-Gardener was more sceptical, and wondered what else was I…

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This blog has been bought to you by the letter P

Peas, peppers, pumpkins, peanuts and preparations and presents and a ‘P’eetroot. I need to apologise in advance as this is a little long but I have had a huge weekend in the garden. I now ache a little in all…

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It’s okay … We’re alright … It was only a mild volcanic eruption!

Today we had an eruption, but it was a bit of a “go nowhere” eruption – it was only a big ash plume – no rocks the size of mini’s being tossed or bubbling hot lava and the main bit…

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