Let’s shelve that idea

Last week was very exciting for me.  Even more exciting than sowing seeds, and that is a big call because sowing seeds is one of the highlights of spring.  There is something almost magical in taking inert bits that parted…

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Shelving ideas

We are still in the grasp of midwinter, but the grip of winter is loosening.  Late winter starts in a few days and with that the planning and preparation for the summer garden has amped up a gear.  I have…

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Tomatoes in Winter

I’ve been a little busy lately and it is has kept me from my dirty little love –  the garden.  I kind of feel I need to say “hello my name is Sarah the Gardener and I haven’t gardened in…

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Grand designs

 In preparation for the coming of spring, I – like the birds – have been doing a bit of nesting.  The beds are almost cleared.  It is just the brassicas; the in ground mixed bed, although that is allowed to…

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