Slowly reclaiming control.

Sometimes nature forces your hand and encourages you to get things done.  The garlic I grow is a variety called Early Pearl.  A generous friend sent me some to try many years ago and I had the best success with…

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Off to a good start

I do have to say, when you have a reason to be productive, other than the normal reasons, like it needs doing or you’re being paid for it, then you manage to find some kind of inner energy to make…

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Make May Count 2020

Last year I started a thing.  Just for me, for now.  Maybe it could become a global phenomenon, but right now I am only thinking of myself.  Looking at my history it would seem last year I didn’t Make May…

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Make May Count

After all the effort to get the garden ready for the garden party, I’ve kind of just rested on my laurels and I haven’t actually done a lot in the garden since.  Well not on the scale of the work…

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Checking out my soil

I have a lovely friend who upon reading of my dilemma with my garlic, sent me an incredible range of garlic to try.  I didn’t even realise we had this many available to us here.   I am really excited to…

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