I think I’m going to like this August

After a turbulent July, August so far has been lovely.  It makes it really feel like spring is so close you could touch it.  The first half is looking to be mostly sunny with a smattering of rain, but it…

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Wishy washy

I can really feel the hint of spring, and if I am to be honest, along with the rising sap there a rising panic.  Will I get all my winter things done before I need to switch over to spring…

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An Irrigation Intervention

NB:  This is a sponsored post with the good people from GARDENA NZ, who have generously made this project possible.   Over the winter I have had a few side hustles going on beyond the realm of my garden that have…

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I’ve been too busy to chat.

I’ve missed you all and I don’t know how I managed to leave it so long before getting in touch.  I haven’t stopped or anything.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I’ve had my most productive June ever.     I think the…

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Power is so overrated

broken wind break

I declared bravely while we had none.   We have a camping stove so the cups of tea can still flow, so really what is there to worry about?!  Other than the fact that the power outage is caused by the…

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Knowing when to stop trying


Over the last few days, I’ve done a significant amount of harvesting, which is surprising considering we are at the end of the first week of winter.   The first session was more a case of storm damage.  The peas had…

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I’m coming with you

From time to time Hubby the Un-Gardener has meetings with clients away from home and more often than not it is at a café location that roughly halfway between them both.  So, this week when he told me a client…

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Weeding for miles

One of the main reasons I went and found myself a Handy Helper is the garden had got away on me.  I had been managing the garden and my projects, but it was a very fine balance.  It just took…

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Storm schorm

We had another storm… I think I’m getting used to them.  They are quite unavoidable here on the wild west coast.  There was about four days when the wind howled a hooley and freezing cold rain came in sideways.  You…

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Getting Salty

This weekend I did something I’d been putting off for absolutely ages.  During the summer I grew French Red shallots.  Every year I hold back my biggest and replant them in the hopes that I end up with something a…

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