It is all in the little things

I’m nearly there.  I just have beans and zucchini, squash, herbs, cucumbers and melons left to go into the garden.    The good thing about the cucumbers is their bed is ready and waiting and the frame is up, ready to…

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The great garden reveal?

Each year I approach spring with great expectancy.  I want to be spring ready.  That is to have all the beds weeded, dug over, lovingly enriched and left to rest for a few weeks so the soil, and the added…

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The state of play

This is more for me than for you, but I thought I’d bring you along for the ride.  After a spring with only a handful of dry days, it has been great to have a break for more than a…

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Ten Photo Tuesday

I’m knacked.  The rain has stopped – for now and the ground, while still a tad squishy underfoot in some places is for the most part dry.  So I’ve been out there making the most of it all .  I’ve…

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Mowing the Mud

We had a lovely break in the weather yesterday, and I woke up to a blue sky day.  Anything else on the to do list got cast aside and I headed out into the garden for a day of indulging…

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To heck with the flooding – the sun is shining

There are rumours floating about that this rainy spring weather will continue well into November and possibly beyond and then we are supposed to dive head first into drought inducing conditions.  This is not the perfect season I was hoping…

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