Sweet As

As we say here in New Zealand everything is Sweet As, which means its pretty good.  Earlier this week I made a video and the garden was in such a lovely place – the grass was low, the weeds were…

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Straw for the Strawberries

My strawberries, historically have had a bit of a rough ride.  I would just take the goods until they slowed down and then would neglect them until it was time to start to think of them again.  This was generally…

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Sowing and Reaping.

Walking into the garden today I was greeted with that delightful aroma of freshly cut grass.  It is like a lingering scent of summer as if to say, but wait – the season isn’t completely over yet, there are still…

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How exactly do you define ‘Local’?

For the entire month of April we will be in a challenge to only eat local food, organised by the good people at Happyzine. The boundary set for local is 200km from your house.  Which is actually quite generous considering…

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