I have to be the luckiest gardener in the world!

I woke up this morning to my wonderful family bearing gifts.  This isn’t something they do often – just once a year.  I got loads of cool stuff but they saved the best to last.  A shiny new Gardena 6…

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Winter, you have had your turn – go away

If you look at stereotypical images of spring it is always blue skies and perfectly formed flowers and blossoms, delicate seedlings and maybe a gentle shower or two.  I would have a hard job capturing any image that even remotely…

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A multiple choice heading: A) This is a strange storm; B) I gave the mice too much credit; C) The worst cake ever!

As far as storms go – it has been quite sunny.  There have been loads of rainbows, loads of strong winds and loads of that big fat raindrop rain, thunder and lightning and we got hail – loads of hail! …

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