Flowers and Gardens

After much anticipation, I left my country garden and headed into the big city to check out the NZ Flower and Garden Show.  There hasn’t been a garden show on this scale here for a few years, but it takes…

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PHOTO DAY 19: Double

Brief:  Today, you and your camera are seeing double.  Double can be interpreted in many ways. I have two sets of kids gardening tools to let the kids know they are welcome in the garden anytime – just so long…

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Oh what a night!

I had it all planned.  I was going to be spring ready and hit the season with seed sowing, a lot of blogging and a bit of You Tube.  It was going to be awesome, a new season of gardening…

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Spring is a season of new beginnings

A time to sow and time to launch. Now you may have noticed that I haven’t been as bloggy this last year as in previous years as I have been a bit distracted.  I have written this most amazing kids…

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