Birthday Surprise! 

So much for a glorious long weekend building structures and then planting out the plants that are to be supported by them all season long. Well after the debacle of the cucumber frame, I went to bed scratching my head…

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Constructing Structures Part Two

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan – especially when there isn’t a plan but a vague idea in your head. Ummm yeah….  Occasionally my ‘she’ll be right – sweet as’ attitude doesn’t go so right and isn’t so sweet. …

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Constructing structures Part one

Here we are in the middle of the best weekend of all time – Labour Weekend. Saturday was OK weather wise – a bit blowy, but the boffins are telling us the rest of the weekend will be soggy!  How…

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I’ve been away… again.

This is not a lot of help for my poor neglected garden, especially with the Big Day so close.  This Labour Weekend is the date where it is deemed safe from frost, however this is also a moveable holiday so…

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