I grew peanuts! How cool is that?

Early last spring I picked up some raw shelled peanuts from the baking section. I’d done it before so I was kind of excited.  I wasn’t going to bake with them, I was going to grow them.  I love growing…

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Winter can be deceptive

We have just one week before the unavoidable happens.  We slip into ‘that’ season.  The one where nothing much grows.  It is so easy to sit back and do nothing and let this season wash over like some kind of…

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It’s not tomato weather anymore

I have been kidding myself with the misguided theory that so long as there are tomatoes in the garden then there is still a claim to summer.  But the tomatoes have been a little manky of late, so I pulled…

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How do you dig in your cover crops?

My latest big thing is cover crops.  In the past I was a fair weather gardener and once I got tired of zucchini or picking tomatoes became a hassle I would just stop gardening and walk away.  Although to give…

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Did you know carrot tops were once the height of fashion?

I’m not a great florist, largely due to the fact I’m a terrible flower grower.  My flower garden experiment this year has been ‘interesting’ for want of a flattering word that doesn’t exaggerate too much.  The three biggest flaws in…

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How and why you should grow a Gunny Sack Garden

This is such a fun project and great to get the kids involved and wonderful if you don’t have a lot of space and don’t mind a bit of shabby chic when growing your food.    This could be the new…

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