The state of the Garden   Part Two of Three (or possibly four)

I just wanted to quickly fill you with what I’ve done in the garden so far this year, and to be honest it didn’t feel like much, but when it came to writing it down I created a mountain of…

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Cutting my losses.

After a hard fought battle, the birds have won.   The horrid little blighters.  If they weren’t so chirpy and fluffy and cute I would really dislike them.  But waking to the sound of their magnificent dawn chorus, accompanied by the…

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Hardly a breath of wind

Today is such a different day from yesterday.  It is so hard to get your head around how different things can be in such a short space of time.  Which was just as well it was a nice day as…

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Imposter plants

My lettuce is growing well.  You may have remembered from way back that I grew some salad from seed and lovingly nurtured them and planted them into my garden and built a wee fence to keep the chickens out and…

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The happiest of New Years to you

We are midway through the best summer holiday in years.  The main reason is the sun has blessed us with its presence.  Last year the break at the beach was memorable because of its absence.  In exchange we spent the…

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