How green can you be?

It is one thing to sit at home and search the great big internet for eco-friendly ideas that appeal to you, but how can you really know what is out there unless you go to an event designed to showcase…

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Banqueting Local Style.

So the Eat Local Challenge is going well so we decided to turn it up a notch.  It would be easier to undertake this challenge by lying low and eating the same old local food each day and squeeze past…

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Tummy Trouble

I have discovered the best way to avoid eating food that is not local is to get a tummy bug, possibly from some remote eatery that seemed like local goodness at the time, while on a road trip.  That way you…

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Recalibrating flavour – kicking the packet

After the trip to the supermarket the other day, in the naive hope I would find the answer to my local needs, through buying things we don’t normally buy, I have to concede we’re on the right track anyway with…

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Well the Supermarket was a good place to start, or not….

Day 1:  We are going to starve to death!  Well we would if this is how we are going to sustain ourselves for the next 30 days as we attempt to only eat local within 200km from here.  I expected…

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