Marrow Chips

Is that even a thing?  Well it is now, especially in our house as I crunch my way through a bowl of deliciousness.  With the holidays behind us and routine returning to normal, much to our surprise the sun decided…

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Rain on a summers day

I’m not moaning, but this summer has really not been what you imagine summer to be. It has been cold and miserable and I have done nothing but complain about it for weeks. And then we had the storm. But…

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It was a dark and stormy night

I have to say I’m really struggling with this summer.  Just when the busy is behind me and normal life stretches before me in a gentle ebb and flow of routine and I begin to enjoy the garden again –…

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OK Garden – what can you teach me?

We are now just passed the middle of the middle of summer.  Although strangely enough the weather in the first half of summer is always a bit rubbish and the second half is generally much more settled.  But we tend…

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The signs are changing

With the New Year upon us, I have had little time to care for the garden as well as I’d like.  Technically we are still on holiday so days spent leisurely tending the garden for all my hearts delight is…

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New Year – it is what it is

I delayed sending out my Happy New Year message.  I wanted to take the perfect picture to go with it.  However the New Years Day dawn didn’t have the same glorious magic as the Boxing Day morning did.  There was…

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