Where to put my Mother’s Day Gift

I have been so busy Making May Count that I didn’t get a chance to share the excitement with you.   Saturday was productive but in a more laid back way.  I continued moving thousands of photos across to my super…

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How and why you should grow a Gunny Sack Garden

This is such a fun project and great to get the kids involved and wonderful if you don’t have a lot of space and don’t mind a bit of shabby chic when growing your food.    This could be the new…

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This blog has been bought to you by the letter P

Peas, peppers, pumpkins, peanuts and preparations and presents and a ‘P’eetroot. I need to apologise in advance as this is a little long but I have had a huge weekend in the garden. I now ache a little in all…

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Mother’s day is a moveable feast at our place!

A wee pop up from my calendar popped up today:  Go and take a photo of the garden.  It’s a little something I started last month.  I am determined to take a photo of the garden – as it is,…

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