40 days and 40 nights

It has been 40 days since we moved to our current homeless situation.   Actually it has been 41 days, and it is raining.   About now old Noah would be getting off his ark and releasing the animals two by two! …

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A Sea Change

After 87 days from idea to realisation, we are now all moved and settled in to our new place.  Well not quite settled in.  We are living in a caravan with all our worldly possessions scattered about the place waiting…

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Last days

There is a strange sense of peace.  I am ready to leave the garden.  Which is just as well as we are out of here on Thursday.   It has only been 85 days since we made the decision to make…

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The hardest worker of all.

It is fair to say the process of selling a house isn’t a simple process.  Pop a holiday season in the middle of it all and it can really be challenging. The first step of getting the house ready for…

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The in Between

This is a strange time of year in many ways.  Ordinarily we aren’t here at all, but off beside the sea somewhere soaking in the summer sun and doing some well deserved relaxing after a hard year of hard yakka. …

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