Sweet As

As we say here in New Zealand everything is Sweet As, which means its pretty good.  Earlier this week I made a video and the garden was in such a lovely place – the grass was low, the weeds were…

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Straw for the Strawberries

My strawberries, historically have had a bit of a rough ride.  I would just take the goods until they slowed down and then would neglect them until it was time to start to think of them again.  This was generally…

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I Made a Mistake

Months ago back in the autumn I wasn’t thinking.  I definitely wasn’t thinking of the convenience of my spring self.  And now my spring self is a little disappointed with my autumn self. You see I grow wheat each autumn,…

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Today is a momentous day – its potato day!

Every year I mark in my calendar this day, having specially counted back from the harvest date so I know they will be perfect for harvesting on the right day and today my calendar popped up with a reminder:  plant…

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I grew mulch!

I have come up with a novel way of sourcing mulch for my garden and I’m so excited! I have always been a bit flummoxed when it comes to mulch.  I understand the importance of it – to keep weeds…

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