Gardening with MS

I have a bit of a side kick that shadows me wherever I go.  Most days it is barely noticeable, well not to me, because I’ve learnt to put the nuances it brings to one side and not give it…

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Restful Rain

It rained in the night. The weather station tells me it was over 5mm so a decent drop. It has almost been two weeks since the last lot of good rain. And before that it before that it was a…

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I have a dreadful problem

My hands have gone soft. My usually chipped and scratched nails are almost at the point that it is worth applying a lick of colour.  That deep ingrained dirt that works its way into the crevices of your hand beyond…

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This is the last day of the worst month of spring.

I should really remember it every year as a hard month, but my enthusiasm and sheer determination tends to make me forget that I have the same struggle every year.  September – the middle spring month is just yucky.  It…

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