An Irrigation Intervention

NB:  This is a sponsored post with the good people from GARDENA NZ, who have generously made this project possible.   Over the winter I have had a few side hustles going on beyond the realm of my garden that have…

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Sorting out the watering

(A paid post with the good people from GARDENA NZ) The thing I love about the garden is there is always something new to do or discover.  But the knock on effect of this is there are some things that…

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Well I did it, I grabbed a spade and pushed it into the sand, not just once but repeatedly.  At the first metre of trench I celebrated.  ‘This isn’t so bad.’  I may have even done a happy dance.  I…

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Wishful thinking

Since I have had my wonderful new irrigation system installed in my garden, late last year > you can read about it here <, I have had the pleasure and privilege of using it in a full weekly cycle a…

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